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Shell Charcoal is obtained by burning the shell of fully matured coconuts with a limited supply of air so that they do not burn away to ash but are only carbonized. Making shell charcoal from coconut shells has grown to be a significant economic and commercial endeavour. Furthermore, due to its intrinsic importance as a raw material for the production of activated carbon, coconut shell charcoal, which was a relatively minor product in the past, has now developed into a widespread commercial commodity.

Good coconut shell charcoal is uniformly dark and snaps with a clean shining fracture and produces a metallic sound, when dropped on hard ground. While over burned shells are friable and the fracture surface sounds dull when dropped and readily crumbles, under burned shells do not make a metallic sound and have a clean fracture. Of all the lignaceous charcoals, coconut shell charcoal has the highest concentration of fixed carbons. Good charcoal typically has moisture of 6.24%, volatiles of 5.46%, ash of 0.54%, and fixed carbon of 87.76%

Product & Packing Specification :
Moisture Less than 10%
Ash content Not more than 2%
Volatile Matter Not more than 15%
Fixed carbon Not more than 80%
Foreign Matter Not more than 3%
Size Natural, 3x6 Mesh, 4x8 Mesh
Packing 20 kg, 25 kg, and 50 kg HDPE Bags
Loadability in 20ft container 12.5 Metric ton
Loadability in 40ft container 25 Metric ton

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