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Coir Fibre is among the thickest and strongest of all natural fibres that are in commercial use today. It is short, coarse, and extracted from the outer husk of the coconut.

Brown Fibre :

Coconuts that are fully ripe are collected for brown coir. It has good abrasion resistance.It is thick and sturdy. It is frequently utilised in sacking, matting, and brushes. Compared to fibres like flax and cotton, mature brown coir fibres have more lignin and less cellulose. Brown coir is processed using fresh water.

White Fibre :

Before they are fully ripe, coconuts are plucked for their white coir fibres. These fibres are smoother, finer, and either white or light brown in colour. They are also weaker. Typically, they are spun to create yarn for mats or rope.

  SRCP - CF - Technical Detail
Product & Shipping Specification :
Colour Brown /white
Impurities < 5%
Length 10cm 20% / 10-25cm 80%
Packing Steel Strap
Bale Weight 105 +/- 3 kgs
Loadability in 40’ HC 200 bales
Moisture < 15%
The specification and packaging can be modified according to the buyer requirements.

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