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Since the dawn of time, coconuts have been valued for their numerous nutritional and therapeutic benefits. It is also known as the Fruit of Life since it contains all the nutritional benefits that a human being needs to keep his body healthy. We bag the coconuts we provide right from the plantations. Coconuts of all sorts come from trees that have grown organically. The coconuts we provide are frequently used in a variety of sectors, including the food & beverage, cosmetics, and healthcare industries.

Semi Husked Coconuts :

These coconuts are completely matured, yet the husk is removed while still covering the coconut's "eyes." By guarding this delicate area, we can extend the coconut's shelf life by preventing deterioration in the place that is most vulnerable to it.


Fully Husked Coconuts :

These coconuts are also fully matured, but the husk has been totally removed. Although this variety's shelf life is slightly shorter than that of semi-husked coconuts, handling these coconuts is not messy because there is no husk. These coconuts must be kept in a cool, dry location for storage.

Product and Shipping Specification :
Color Light brown
Grade Semi husked/Fully husked
Nut size 12 – 14 inches
Shelf life 50 days from packing
Weight 450 to 650 grams
Packing 25 nuts per pp bag
Loadability @ 20 ft container 950 to 1000 bags
Loadability @ 40 ft container 1900 to 2000 bags

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